Learn more about the authors, attorneys Joshua Spector and Paul Turner and their law firms.

Learn about various defensive motions, strategies and procedures for their use. Benefit from real-world motion models to inform your drafting.

Utilize a comprehensive list of defenses, and consult the elements for each and a model form to ensure proper pleading. Review case notes with key authority for each defense.  




"This is the rare book that is valuable to just about every litigator, regardless of their area of expertise or which side they represent. Highly recommended."
 Eric W. Ostroff, The Florida Bar Journal

Florida Affirmative Defenses and Procedural Objections With Forms, by Joshua B. Spector, Esq., and Paul D. Turner, Esq. now in its Sixth Edition (2020), guides practitioners on the use, pleading, and application of defenses and procedural objections in Florida state civil cases. In particular, the book surveys common and useful defensive motions and procedural objections to be made during the pleading phase of a case. Further, the book examines and discusses various affirmative defenses, including pleading requirements, jury concerns, and notable authority on each defense.

The 2020 edition adds more than 60 pages of new material, and features a revised and supplemented section on personal jurisdiction, expanded sections on the affirmative defense of fraud, among others, and adds five defenses: dead and buried doctrine (dissolution of a business entity), independent tort doctrine, necessity (business necessity), sovereign immunity, and way of necessity. With considerably more authority, more in-depth analysis, and even a few graphics, we hope you will find this update valuable to your practice.